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Welcome Session

Farid Aractingi

Ernesto Martínez


Plenary Session 1: Keys to understand the world political context

Josep Piqué


Plenary Session 2: The logic of Risk Taking

Nassim Taleb


Plenary Session 3: Emphasize the basics. Elevate the Standards

Naohiro Mouri


What do Audit Committees expect from Internal Audit? Are these expectations always met?

Melvyn Neate


Transforming Internal Audit through automatization and innovation. The MAPFRE experience

Eduardo Cuesta

  • Calendar - 4 October

  • 08:15h

    Registration and welcome coffee

  • 09:00h

    Welcome Session

    Farid Aractingi (President of ECIIA)
    Ernesto Martínez (Chairman of the Institute of Internal Auditors of Spain)
  • 09:15h

    Plenary Session 1: Keys to understand the world political context

    During this session, Josep Piqué will analyse global geo-politics, related challenges and the implications of political macro-trends (tensions and the escalation of conflicts, risks stemming from terrorism and cyber-terrorism, rivalry for resources, changes in the European Union, etc.); economic macro-trends (convergence between advanced and developing economies; an increasingly multi-polar economy less dominated by Western societies; the sustained growth of emerging and social economies, the risk of fragmentation of the global trade system, etc.) and social macro-trends (greater inequality in societies, increasingly more urban and ageing among advanced countries; increased migratory flows, ethnic-national conflicts, etc.).
    Josep Piqué (Spanish ex minister, economist and businessman)
  • 10:15h

    Plenary Session 2: The logic of Risk Taking

    Inspired on his latest book Skin in the Game, Nassim will present common mistakes in the treatment of risks and will propose counterintuitive measures
    Nassim Taleb (Author of The Black Swan. Essayist, researcher and financial)
  • 11:15h

    Networking Break

  • 11:40h

    Agile Auditing. Reinventing Internal Audit and changing the mind-set. The RSA INSURANCE experience

    Ralph will share his experience of developing a radically different, more agile and forward thinking Internal Audit Function. In a world where change and disruption are becoming the norm, RSA Internal Audit disrupted themselves and embraced innovation.
    Ralph Daals (Group Chief Auditor at RSA Insurance)
  • 12:30h

    Networking Lunch

  • 13:40h

    Plenary Session 3: Emphasize the basics. Elevate the Standards

    A successful career in internal audit is built on the solid foundation provided by the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards). Using the construction of a sleek office tower as metaphor, 2018-19 IIA Global Chairman Naohiro Mouri takes you from blueprint to finished product in a process that showcases the importance of the Standards and the capstone of certification. Mouri-san’s theme – Emphasize the Basics. Elevate the Standards. – seeks to remind internal auditors everywhere that emphasizing the basic idea that conformance to the Standards is essential not only elevates the Standards but raises the entire profession as well. Says Mouri-san, “Because I truly love the profession, I wanted to stress the importance of going back to the very basics.
    Naohiro Mouri (Global IIA Chairman. Executive Vice President and Chief Internal Auditor at AIG)
  • 14:35h

    Flexible Approach: Preventive and reactive auditing. The NOVARTIS experience

    Several practical examples at Novartis illustrate that, depending on location, scope and topic, internal auditors must adopt specific approach techniques.
    Peter Elam (Head of Internal Audit at Novartis)
  • 15:25h

    Networking Break

  • 15:50h

    What do Audit Committees expect from Internal Audit? Are these expectations always met?

    Melvyn Neate has spent a great deal of time in his career working with Audit Committees.
    Melvyn Neate (Independent member of the Audit Committee at UK Office of Rail and Road)
  • 16:45h

    Transforming Internal Audit through automatization and innovation. The MAPFRE experience

    Currently, companies are immersed in a process of continuous transformation in which they have to face new challenges such as the irruption of new competitors, the need to get closer to “experts and demanding customers”, improving efficiency in processes, etc.
    Eduardo Cuesta (Director of the Global IT Internal Audit Service at MAPFRE)


Prior to joining Novartis, Mr. Elam spent 15 years at Shell in positions of increasing responsibility in Europe and Asia. He served as finance director of Shell China Ltd., head of internal audit at Shell's Downstream Europe business, and finance director and controller at the Pernis refinery in the Netherlands, among other roles.

Melvyn has over 30 years experience in Internal Audit. He is also a qualified accountant. He has led internal audit functions in both the private and public sectors including manufacturing, logistics, banking, financial services and central government, most notably as Director of Internal Audit for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, the UK’s tax authority.

Ralph is Group Chief Auditor at London-based RSA Insurance and a member of the Group’s Executive Team. RSA’s Internal Audit Function consists of over 60 people covering three Regions; UK & International; Scandinavia; and Canada. Before joining RSA in 2014, Ralph headed up Deloitte UK’s Internal Audit services to the insurance industry.

Technical Engineer in Management Computing by the Pontifical University of Salamanca and Masters in Auditing and Information Security by the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Farid Aractingi es el Director de Auditoría, Riesgos y Organización de Renault. Se desempeñó durante más de 25 años en tecnología de la información en varias empresas como Exxon-Mobil, Total Chemicals, Bull Information Systems, Renault y Nissan. Fue CIO de Bull France en 1994 y de Renault desde 1999 para Compras, Finanzas, Recursos Humanos y Gestión de calidad.

Ernesto is chairman of the Spanish Institute of Internal Auditors (IAI) since 2014 and member of the Board of Directors of the Global IIA since 2011. He is also member of the Audit Committee of the Global (2013) as well as the Professional Certifications Board.

Josep Piqué has a degree in Economics and Business Studies with an Outstanding Merit. He is also a PhD in the same subject-matter with an Outstanding Cum Laude as well as a degree in Law, all the title above at the University of Barcelona.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb spent 21 years as a risk taker (quantitative trader) before becoming a researcher in philosophical, mathematical and (mostly) practical problems with probability.

Naohiro Mouri is the Executive Vice President and Chief Internal Auditor of American International Group, and Chairman of The Institute of Internal Auditors Global (IIA) 2018-19.